Stress Relieving Mini-Retreat

The idea of a Mini Retreat (Acupuncture, Yoga and Qi healing) was inspired from a desire to create an experience that opens the physical body and energy channels, while relaxing the mind and heart for a synergistic effect, creating a peaceful, contemplative and comfortable environment for movement, healing, and connecting with others, accessible and welcoming to all. This unique blend of healing arts allows for a deep and clear expansion into self-healing and love.

Our fast and overly stimulated lifestyles don’t give us the opportunity to rest fully, and yet, it is only when we are at rest that the innate healing and repair mechanisms in the body can go to work most fully.  We need a way for the fight-or-flight response to calm down, allowing the healing and repair processes to begin. The retreat is designed to do just that!

Anisha’s Yoga and Acupuncture Mini Retreat is truly magical. Her ability to create a safe and healing space with us (some of which are new to yoga and/or acupuncture) is extraordinary. What I love most is how every detail supports her intention to nurture; from her gentle yet confident voice, to music choice, and her wonderful healing touch. I can’t wait to come back!
— S. KAY

It begins with a gentle yoga class to release stored tension and bring balance to your body, followed by a simple but very effective Acupuncture treatment to support and nourish your Qi or Life Force. The yoga provides a state for an Acupuncture treatment that is more relaxed and receptive, amplifying its effects. The benefits of experiencing Acupuncture in a group are enhanced by the quiet stillness and Qi (energy) healing Anisha emits to the room. This allows the bodies’ own life force to re-establish harmony, bringing each participant to balance (much like group meditation), while continuously absorbing the emitted energy.  The retreat closes with Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) to help integrate the treatment and solidify the overall balance of the nervous system and body functions.

You'll leave feeling revitalized, calm, and relaxed! Register for a Mini Retreat here.



Mini Retreats may be offered in a yoga studio, office space, outdoors, or even the comfort of your own home. 

Mini Retreats typically last anywhere from 2 - 3 hours.  This magical trio of yoga, acupuncture and Qi healing is a wonderful offering during hectic or busy times of year (before or after holidays) or as a way to bring balance during the change of seasons.

To inquire about scheduling a Private Mini Retreat in your studio or space, please contact me!