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Invoke the Power of Yin & Yang: Root Your Qi, Liberate Your Spirit

  • Angel + Keith Healing Center 2819 Columbine Place, Suite 1 Nashville, TN, 37204 United States (map)

Join Anisha and Paul Fraser for a powerful weekend of Pangu Yog, Pangu Tai Chi and a Path of Life Group Healing!

The practices of Yoga and Tai Chi are the most popular mind/body exercises in the United States today, credited with bringing thousands restored health, freedom from pain, increased vitality and a tranquil, balanced mind.

Discover inexhaustible vitality, and limitless happiness with Pangu Yoga and Tai Chi! Paul and Anisha will take you on a journey, rooting your Life Force and liberating the Spirit, powerfully unveiling the power of Yin and Yang, tapping into the boundless mystery of the Divine. 

Experience these ancient practices like never before. Leave feeling deeply calm, connected and full of vitality!

Additional Details
Pangu Shengong is an energy cultivation exercise (Qi Gong) known world-wide for its remarkable curative effects.  It’s founder, Master Ou Wen Wei, partnered with two accomplished practitioners, Anisha Desai Fraser for Yoga, and Vincent Chu for Tai Chi, to infuse these two disciplines with the Divine healing energy transmitted through Pangu Shengong, resulting in two very powerful, highly charged practices that are sure to be life changing! You need not have any Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi gong experience to benefit from this wonderful journey.

About Paul Fraser
Facing a life-threatening illness in 1987, Paul sought Qi Gong treatments with Master Tom Tam of Boston, Massachusetts.  Inspired by Qi Gong's restoration of his health, Paul began to study Medical Qi Gong with Tom for 9 years, and continues to study and teach to this day. His studies took him to mainland China, Hong Kong,Taiwan,and virtually every Chinatown in North America to learn Taoist, Confucian, Martial and Shao Lin systems of Qi Gong together with the medical application of Qi Gong energy.

After completing teacher training with world renowned Qi Gong Master Ou Wen Wei in 2001, he co-authored a published work with Master Ou titled, "Qi Gong in the Treatment of Rare Genetic Disorders in Children.”

Paul's practice is based in Raleigh, North Carolina; he travels and teaches around the US and Canada, including Boston, New York, Montreal, Toronto, parts of Florida and Santa Barbara California. 

He received his Master's in Acupuncture from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. He designed and directed the Medical Qi Gong Programs at The Academy for Five Element Acupuncture and The New England School of Acupuncture.

About Pangu Yoga
Pangu Yoga, created by Master Ou Wen Wei and Anisha Desai Fraser in October 2011, is a gentle and unique style of Yoga that combines the benefits of Yoga and the energy cultivation aspects of Pangu Mystical Qi Gong. The light, energy, and healing principles of Pangu Shengong are infused within the movement and breath of a simple yet powerful Yoga practice, grounded in love and kindness, deepening our connection with the Divine. This style of yoga includes a mantra or maxim, visualization, and a special breathing, connecting you deeply to the powerful love and healing energy of Pangu Shengong throughout the practice. Opening with a gentle flow of postures, the practice regulates and energizes the muscles and tendons, boosts the immune system and brings you an infusion of calm, relaxation and feeling of contentment. The practice ends with pranayama, and deeply relaxing savasana. The form follows a typical Yoga practice, however the internal feeling and experience are profoundly different.

About Pangu Tai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan, part of traditional Chinese Culture, has a long history with rich information, old and new, elegant and simple. This form will build martial-arts fundamentals- such as agility, balance, coordination, and will improve health by opening the body's joints and stretching the ligaments, tendons, and muscle groups.  The flow of vital Qi is significantly increased through this unique expression of Tai Chi Chuan.

Pangu Yoga and Pangu Tai Chi have two unique features: harnessing the Qi of the universe to improve the body's physiological condition, and calming the nervous system enough to allow broader access to Divine energy and information, bringing us closer to the truth of the universe (The Tao). 

The course will be divided into two weekends, with the short sequence of the Pangu Yoga taught in the first weekend, and the long sequence taught in the second weekend.  The first half of the Pangu Tai Chi will be taught the first weekend, and the second half on the second weekend.

Master Ou’s Comments
“From ancient times up to today, in different areas of the world, certain people with high aspirations and determination have tried their best to create effective practices in their search for true health, happiness, fitness, and longevity. Two excellent examples of this are Tai Chi Chuan (taiji quan), created by the ancient Chinese, and Yoga, created in ancient India.

The most important feature of Tai Chi is its “softness”—cultivating softness in a way that also includes hardness and applying softness to overcome hardness. If practiced properly, it will enable a practitioner’s heart and soul to enter a tranquil, firm and indomitable, and humble state; at the same time it can adjust and assemble one’s inner forces, leading to the truly amazing phenomenon of “four ounces overcoming a thousand pounds.”

The most important feature of Yoga is its “gracefulness”—applying graceful motions to mold a graceful form. If practiced with a calm heart and dedicated mind, it can lead to a tranquil and peaceful state, enabling the practitioner’s body to make the adjustments necessary to achieve gracefulness, fitness, and suppleness.

Because of the advantages of these two practices, they are widely known and generally accepted by many people. The shortcoming, however, of both of them is that they do not allow practitioners efficiently to receive all the kinds of beneficial energies that are available from the universe.”

Path of Life Healing Class
Is it possible to read a book, improve your health, contribute to your happiness and move towards higher spiritual evolution, all at the same time?  

As strange as it may seem, yes, it is!  For more than 100,000 readers of The Path of Life, this too-good-to-be-true phenomenon has become a reality.  Thousands of people, after reading The Path of Life have experienced incredible healing in their bodies, minds and spirits.  How is this possible?  The answer lies within the book's unique origin and profound content.

Each participant will be encouraged to write down a particular health or well-being concern to be reviewed before the session begins. The 90 minute experience begins with a discussion of this book’s highly unusual qualities, how just reading it is a way to receive a powerful healing session.  From there, short excerpts from the book will be read out loud as a prelude to Anisha and Paul emitting Qi to the whole group, addressing the written concerns.  We end with a short question and answer session.

Belief in what is written is never required. In fact, many choose to read and regard it all as pure fiction. It makes no difference. The results occur anyway. Master Ou receives numerous letters detailing accounts of seemingly miraculous healing all from reading this book.  Are you willing to explore these possibilities?


  • Weekend  $275
  • Pangu Yoga only  $150
  • Pangu Tai Chi only  $150
  • Path of Life Group Healing  $50
Later Event: January 28
Pangu Yoga Teacher Training