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Pangu Yoga: Steady Unwavering Calm

  • Black Mountain Yoga 116 Montreat Road Black Mountain, NC, 28711 United States (map)

Pangu Yoga is a gentle and healing fusion of yoga and Qi Gong, created by Anisha Desai Fraser and world renowned Qi Gong Master, Ou Wen Wei.

This gentle, yet powerful yoga practice, has been synergized with the transformative energy and experience of Pangu Shengong (Pangu Mystical Qi Gong.)


Firmly rooted in the principles of love and kindness, the practice is designed to strengthen Life Force and immunity and deep Divine connection through:

  • a beautiful synergistic harmony of movement and breath

  • a love-filled mantra

  • profound visualization

  • specialized Qi Gong breathing patterns

Its flow of postures and breath builds and balances life force in organs and muscles, and every cell through an infusion of deep calm, relaxation and contentment. 

June's theme: Steady Unwavering Calm

Calm is the vehicle through which many other virtues flow and manifest. When we are calm, energy and information flow, allowing unconscious conditioning and reactions to shift for breakthroughs.

Using Pangu yoga and meditation, journaling, poetry, contemplation, and action steps, Anisha will guide you in cultivating steady unwavering inner calm, allowing a state of being that is undisturbed, clear minded, open hearted, thoughtful and present even, and perhaps especially, when circumstances are not to our liking.

Pangu Yoga is a gentle, healing fusion of yoga and Qi Gong. Pangu utilizes a beautiful synergistic harmony of movement and breath; profound visualization; and specialized Qi Gong breathing patterns to enhance a state of deep relaxation balanced with clear alertness.

Participants should bring a journal or notebook, and something to write with.  

Cost: $30

“I've been relishing the ongoing resonance from the most moving and meaningful yoga class I have ever experienced. Thank you for sharing your gifts and beauty of spirit with us. Aly is pretty new to yoga, having only taken a couple classes several years ago, and he said that your warm and strong leadership built within him a strong sense of trust. He said that your guidance instilled a calm confidence; he knew instinctively that by listening to you he would end up in the right postures. He felt fully supported. And for me - your spoken meditations on love, gratitude,and  the nature of the universe...the soft gentleness of the moon, thanks given to the different nations of life, the passion for striking inspiration in the heart's of others...these were some of the most beautiful and true messages I've ever received, life-affirming and deeply nourishing to me. Being in your presence and immersed in the practice you've cultivated and so skillfully, lovingly share  - made a great difference for us. I want to express my gratitude to you. “

~ Summer D. Hammond