September 2019 | Mud of the Moment


It may be that
When we no longer
Know what to do
We have come to our real work.

And when we no
Longer know
Which way to go
We have begun our real journey.


Yesterday, one of my clients was telling me about her time as a neonatal nurse and how she would communicate with the babies, soul to soul. She would whisper to them with such warmth and sweetness “you are ok, you’re not alone, I’m right here, you are ok.” My eyes swelled with tears. Her words touched a wound deep in my heart. I looked at her and said, “I wish someone would say that to me now, I would love to hear that now as an adult.” She responded with such richness of spirit “I can do that, I will tell you right are ok, you are not alone, I’m right here.” Tears now streamed, in gratitude, her words a balm over my heart. I feel lucky to have such a community. Even in some of my darkest, saddest moments, it’s enough to know there are others who get it and we all share in this human experience together. We hold each other, we lift each other up, we cry with each other and we laugh with each other.

The truth of our lives, lives in the mud and mess of this moment. It exists in the convoluted and complex interplay of emotion and relationship and in some of the personality traits I’d like to forever leave behind. To experience the truth of our own hearts, it often requires being in the muck and the mire of what’s here, the anxiety, the fear, the sadness, and yet also knowing the entirety of me without hiding from the shadows or from the light. To know and understand my shortcomings is my work but also not to underestimate my gifts and influence. Each time I can see myself clearly, outside of the emotion of the moment, or several moments, it offers an opportunity to expand the lens through which I see myself, my family, and the world.

Even if we can't see what's next, or how we will get there, it doesn't mean the answer isn't there. Sometimes it's ok just to not know. It's ok to sit in that familiar yet uncomfortable place of being lost. As limited as we may feel in a moment, the truth is that the infinite exists in everything, in all of creation. Just that knowing can open the door to possibilities; possibilities that are as infinite as you and me and the Universe.

"The lotus never blooms without sinking roots deep in mud.”
-Danna Faulds

Love for the journey,

August 2019 | Eracism


Love and Respect for all...
This country is mourning. The epidemic we as a society are facing, at its root, is sincere malice and conscious animosity -- hatred at it’s core. We must continue to educate and reform ourselves and our children and help each other understand real love and respect. Change always begins with the self and our closest circles.

In 2007, I remember hearing about the monstrosities these children in Ghana experienced in their very own families, and neighborhoods; there was no place they felt safe or even loved, but they stayed, because it was home. People don’t leave their homes unless they need to stay alive.

This is a time when together, we must rise above this hatred. With a sword of righteousness, we must first find it within ourselves, with conviction, even within the tiny, hidden and seemingly small places, and then do our very best to reform. Then, and only then, can we extend true empathy, compassion, and equanimity to others who are lost, who need our help and love more than anything else.

“We should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments. Leaders who demonize those who don’t look like us, or suggest that other people, including immigrants, threaten our way of life, or refer to other people as sub-human, or imply that America belongs to just one certain type of people." -Obama

‘no one leaves home unlesshome is the mouth of a sharkyou only run for the borderwhen you see the whole city running as well
your neighbors running faster than youbreath bloody in their throatsthe boy you went to school withwho kissed you dizzy behind the old tin factoryis holding a gun bigger than his bodyyou only leave homewhen home won’t let you stay.
no one leaves home unless home chases youfire under feethot blood in your bellyit’s not something you ever thought of doinguntil the blade burnt threats intoyour neckand even then you carried the anthem underyour breathonly tearing up your passport in an airport toiletssobbing as each mouthful of papermade it clear that you wouldn’t be going back.
you have to understand,that no one puts their children in a boatunless the water is safer than the landno one burns their palmsunder trainsbeneath carriagesno one spends days and nights in the stomach of a truckfeeding on newspaper unless the miles traveledmeans something more than one crawls under fencesno one wants to be beatenpitiedno one chooses refugee campsor strip searches where yourbody is left achingor prison,because prison is saferthan a city of fireand one prison guardin the nightis better than a truckloadof men who look like your fatherno one could take itno one could stomach itno one skin would be tough enough
thego home blacksrefugeesdirty immigrantsasylum seekerssucking our country dryniggers with their hands outthey smell strangesavagemessed up their country and now they wantto mess ours uphow do the wordsthe dirty looksroll off your backsmaybe because the blow is softerthan a limb torn offor the words are more tenderthan fourteen men betweenyour legsor the insults are easierto swallowthan rubblethan bonethan your child bodyin pieces.i want to go home,but home is the mouth of a sharkhome is the barrel of the gunand no one would leave homeunless home chased you to the shoreunless home told youto quicken your legsleave your clothes behindcrawl through the desertwade through the oceansdrownsavebe hungerbegforget prideyour survival is more importantno one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your earsaying-leave,run away from me nowi dont know what i’ve becomebut i know that anywhereis safer than here’- Warsan Shire

I look forward to seeing you for a very special event centered around cultivating more LOVE and less hate. The Pangu Mystical Qi Gong Healing Weekend is coming up September 19-22! Master Ou Wen Wei will offer deep and rich teachings to continue guiding us through Universal Truths and Universal Love.

Love for the journey,

July 2019 | Summer & Fire Element

Summer is our brightest time of year, both physically and emotionally. It can be joyful, but sometimes a manic season, when the sun hits us and inspires our passion and creativity. 


In Chinese Medicine, Summer is associated with the element Fire, the color red, the bitter flavor (including leafy greens, coffee, and chocolate), the Heart, Pericardium and Small Intestine organ meridian systems and with embracing our dreams, joyful emotions, creativity, passion and love, even our sexuality.

We do our best to channel this energy into healthy activities while enjoying our long days by playing outside, traveling, enjoying barbecues and time with friends and family. 

When the Fire Element within us is in excess, we tend to feel overexcited, chaotic, and even frantic, trying to fit too much in, creating busyness, often left feeling like we aren't able to enjoy those activities or feel connected to the people we’re with. When the Fire Element is deficient we can feel little excitement, lack of joy, despair, disconnection and in extreme cases even isolation. 

Signs and symptoms that your Fire Element may be off include rashes, inflammation and constipation due to heat, halitosis (bad breath), seasonal allergies, insomnia, mania, lack of joy, anxiety, or despair. Yoga, Pangu Yoga, Qi Gong, Acupuncture and other self-care can bring more balance in these areas, helping us feel greater ease, and connection with others."

I look forward to seeing you for some VERY special Pangu Yoga events and an exciting powerful Pangu Mystical Qi Gong healing weekend September 19-22 with Master Ou Wen Wei,  (founder of Pangu Mystical Qi Gong) hosted right here in Asheville, NC at Black Mountain Yoga!

I am also incredibly honored to be invited to teach in Black Mountain Yoga's next 200 hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training beginning THIS October

If you have asked me in the past about being a Pangu Yoga Teacher, the first step is receiving your 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and practicing Pangu Mystical Qi Gong for at least one year.

Please save the dates below so you don't miss out on these once in a lifetime opportunities. 

Community & individual Acupuncture + special events described below all help tremendously to support a healthful and vital summer season and transition into fall.

Love for the journey,