June 2019 | Transcending Faux Pas


This past May, yoga students of the Czech Republic warmly and graciously welcomed me to teach them Pangu Yoga. Crossing boundaries of ethnicity, culture, language and customs, we found a common ground in love and kindness, all seeking true health and happiness. I entered the country as a stranger and left with many friends.
Adjusting to a foreign culture is one of the many challenges that comes with being abroad, but especially while teaching abroad. Despite my best efforts, the occasional gaffe is bound to happen -- especially when your host country’s customs differ from the U.S. customs you know and love.

As an Australian with Indian heritage living and teaching in America, I am open to and used to cross cultural faux pas, but they still make me giggle and reflect. In America, it's common to smile at strangers in an "I acknowledge you" or "I see you and welcome you" kind of way. But in the Czech Republic, this isn't the case. Most of you who have been in my classes know that I'm quite expressive and use my face, voice and emotions as an invitation - and I'm a hugger.

I believe that historically, Czech people do not readily show emotions, and typically only smile at others when they want to initiate a conversation. For many tourists, I'm sure this results in many unintended conversations -- especially at bars!

At first contact, the Czech students seemed cautious, impersonal and indifferent, but I noticed with a tactful approach they became effectively engaged. I was called and inspired to use my other senses and skills as a teacher to feel and reach them, to demonstrate my willingness to meet them in a way that was more comfortable for them. It felt important for me to adapt my behavior and teaching style to them, rather than expecting them to adapt to me.

What we believe separates us can always be shifted through self responsibility.
"What can I do in this moment to achieve a better result, to make connection?" I had to let go of what generally works for me in making connection to be present with how I needed to shift so they could more fully receive and learn.

Through this, we stretch beyond what's comfortable, we move beyond the artificial human constructs and enter into the feeling and understanding that the essence of our existence rests on common ground, common desire; though our method and way might be different, we all seek love, happiness, and good health. Beyond our differences, beyond the highs and lows of emotion-- or no emotion, beyond what's familiar and not -- is the place that is independent of separation. When I found that in my teaching and in the group, the magic unfolded.

The irony...in the end, I was met with more smiles and many hugs!

Love for the journey,

May 2019 | Seeking Truth


Thanks to my sister Sona, her love, her support and her soul touching words to me, I am inspired to share this story with you.

What is it inside that drives us to want to change, to be better? Is it wanting something different than what we grew up with? Is it wanting to understand the truth behind our pain? Is it the desire to seek knowledge about our world and want to use it to help others?

People have thanked me for being vulnerable, but the truth is, the more vulnerable I am, the more protected I feel, the more connected I am to a collective, to being in it together, and that brings an ease, a bond to all of life. The change has felt so gradual and I'm still very aware of the times when I guard, and why, but I'm also becoming much more ok if I can't please everyone, if other's don't agree with me, choose to be condescending or just don't like something about me. I still try my best to offer respect when I can. And that makes ME feel better to move out of reaction and into choice.

I grew up with a fear that was crippling, bereft of any belief in myself. Through the fog of terror, unease, confusion and loneliness, I left home when I was 17. All I really did was enter in to a different kind of prison, a different kind of loneliness and loss, where I was rife with the guilt of knowing I had left my younger sister.

Sometimes we have to rebel against everything we've been told to begin to know ourselves, to find a rising courage, that even for a time being can be profound enough to call the storm to stillness, to shake us and wake us from the nightmare, the pain, the darkness; to engage in life despite the fear and get a glimpse of something different-- another way, and we start to welcome the voices that call us back to ourselves and beyond ourselves.

We find a way to see the beauty that we can harvest from the riches of the darkness. We respect the beauty, hold on to it for dear life, and it becomes visible in our dignity. And if we look for it we can see it in how we hold ourselves in the world, how we hold others in the world, eventually enveloping them too in trust and safety. We are in this together.

There is a remembrance in me that wanting to help myself and others to improve their lives means that sometimes I get to go first. It's an honor to show up in a way that gives others permission to open up and find their own Truth that allows their most beautiful selves to emerge. Sometimes we have to go in and in, into what can feel like a scary abyss, so that we can find and release whatever is false and crawl out the other side. And yet we must also find the balance between overindulging the memories and emotions and denying that they are there at all, to the point of a deep insincerity towards ourselves. Both are dangerous places if we stay for too long. We must use the subtle eye of the heart to watch ourselves in this process, to hear and see the hidden heart, to heal it and bring it back to life; to create one spark - is all we need to nourish the flame.

As you're reading this, I will have left home again, at 39, traveling to Europe celebrating 10 years with my love. Each time we leave home, the road takes us into a world we've never been in, finding ourselves alone in a different way. We become more attentive to the selves we have brought along, and what and whom we meet almost always touches the part of the heart that is waiting at home. When I travel, a renewed presence comes with me, welcoming all invitations of transformation, and if I listen deeply I can hear what my heart would love to say. A journey is a sacred thing where we discover more of the hidden, returning enriched. May you have your own in the nearing summer days.

My love to you always and love for the journey,

April 2019 | Spring in to Your Most Beautiful Self


It has been a winter of deep inner transformation for me, as well as new exciting ventures. This Spring has certainly brought bright beginnings for myself inside and out. This journey of co-creating and sharing Pangu Yoga has gradually been stirring, simmering and growing within me and in the world around me for the last 8 years. I've taken risks, I've made mistakes, I've moved through countless fears, but I refused to give up no matter how collapsed and small I felt, and it has consistently brought me to the path I'm meant to take. It has consistently brought to light over and over again the responsibility of that path. I am continuously learning what it means to humbly accept that responsibility, yet deliver it with confidence. I think it may take me a lifetime to genuinely feel my way through that in every moment and express it in all I do.

The 3 week Pangu Series that just ended left me in awe of how much happened for myself and others. It was an experiment for both me as the teacher and the group. I'd never offered anything this intense for a group of 20 people. I didn't realize the scope and magnitude of the journey until it was over. These beautiful outcomes have reminded me that greater than fear, is the inspiration, the sincerity and courage needed to transform what prevents us from living our most beautiful lives, from living our fullest potentials! I am sincerely grateful for all of you who were willing to take that journey with me and for those whom I will meet in the future in such a capacity. You are all my teachers and help me understand how to love deeper and give more of my best self.

I'm so delighted to be expanding in the global sphere and have accepted an invitation to teach Pangu Yoga in the Czech Republic in the beautiful cities of Prague and Liberec in May! I'm also traveling to Italy to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary with my beloved Paul. We made it a decade! I will be away April 30- May 18 so a kind reminder to please schedule your acupuncture appointments ahead to guarantee your spot.

The shift from darkness to light, yang bursting from yin is officially upon us. Spring brings a dramatic shift in seasons with longer days, warmer weather, budding blossoms, fresh earthly scents, and a rebirth of plants breaking through the soil. Spring’s time of renewal, expansion, and growth offers many lessons to be learned from observing nature’s cyclical transitions. Chinese Medicine is strongly based on the natural rhythms, expressions, and phases of nature. Together with the philosophy of Yin-Yang, the theory of the Five Elements (Wu Xing) sets the foundation for Chinese medical theory. Each season is viewed as possessing and expressing its own unique energy which directly influences all aspects of life, health, and balanced well being.

Chinese Medicine attributes Spring to the Wood Element. A time of expansion and new growth within nature brings forth a phase of renewal, vision, and forward momentum within people. A shift outward from the inward directed energy of winter. The Wood Element brings forth a sense of purpose and sturdiness, yet with flexibility, just as a tree is firmly rooted into the ground yet able to sway with the wind. When a person’s Wood Element is in balance they have confidence and good judgement. A sense of emotional maturity with the ability to express themselves appropriately and adapt to change as needed. Wood in balance allows one to be firmly rooted in the past, stand tall in the present, and have a clear vision for the future.

During the Spring season it is common to see the Wood organ systems out of balance.  This disharmony in the Element can create both physical and emotional symptoms.  Anger is the emotion of Wood and stored in the Liver.  Anger is a natural and necessary emotion of life, a mixture of every emotion combined into one.  When Wood or Liver Qi becomes stagnant, however, anger can become aggressive, persistent, inappropriate, and even violent. Chronic anger and frustration can not only become mentally debilitating, but negatively impact the health of your liver, detoxification, and reproductive system.  Common ailments seen in the Spring (or when Wood is out of balance any time of year) include:


~Muscle tension, prone to have tendon and ligament injuries

~Sciatica (radiating pain from lower back into buttocks and down the leg – GallBladder Meridian)

~Headaches, especially migraines

~Impaired detoxification, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities

~Visual disturbances

~Menstrual irregularities, PMS, fibroids,

~Digestive disturbances, including heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers

~High blood pressure, with tendency toward atherosclerosis


~Outbursts of anger and irritability

~A blockage of forward movement and personal growth leading to frustration

~Inappropriate expression of emotions

~Lack of vision, purpose, and inability to make decisions

~Inflexibility to change, lack of resiliency and ability to adapt

Maintaining Balance within Wood


To stay healthy the Liver needs movement and so do you.  With the longer days and warmer weather it is a perfect time of year to get outside, take long walks in nature, observe and embrace the changes going on all around you.  Take a risk and try something new.  Take a new yoga class, try Qi Gong or Tai Qi, hop on a bike, or run on a new trail.  Movement comes in many forms.  Make a 3-month exercise plan to inspire yourself to move more and feel great for the upcoming summer months.


Spring is the perfect time of year for a seasonal cleanse.  Clean up your diet to assist your body in purifying and rebuilding itself from the inside out.  Emphasize whole, organic, non-genetically modified foods (especially fruits and vegetables) that provide the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants the body needs for detoxification.  Give your overburdened Liver a break by eliminating all packaged, canned, processed, fried foods, gluten, sugar, and alcohol.  Focus on emphasizing a plant based diet, with healthy fats, quality sources of lean meats, and lots and lots of water.

Detoxify Your Environment

We are exposed to external toxins on a daily basis.  These include pollutants, pesticides, and man-made chemicals.  Reduce your toxic exposure in your home by filtering your tap water, using an air purifier, and removing all plastics from your home (tupperware, water bottles, sarane wrap, non-stick pots and pans).  Opt for non-toxic cleaning products, such as ones labeled “green”cleaners that don’t contain chlorine or ammonia.  Choose products that say “petroleum-free,” “biodegradable,” or “phosphate-free.”  Or better yet, make a cleaner yourself!  Trade out your synthetic bath and beauty products for those that contain only pure organic nutrients.  If you shouldn’t eat it, then it doesn’t belong on your skin either!


Use the visionary energy of Wood to plan for your future, set goals, and begin taking steps to achieve them.  Write down any new thoughts and ideas you have no matter how big or small.  Think of your ‘big picture’ goals for the upcoming year.  Break down the 12 months into actionable steps that you can take each month to help you get there.

Practice Forgiveness

Think of forgiveness as the opposite of Anger.  The ability to forgive ourselves and others keeps our Wood element healthy.  Forgiveness allows for forward movement and growth, without ruminating and getting stuck on bitter situations of the past.  True forgiveness is gratitude for the lessons that every experience and interaction gifts us.

ACUPUNCTURE, YOGA, PANGU YOGA & QI GONG are all GREAT ways to maintain balance in wood and the whole system! Join me April 18 for a Pangu Yoga workshop to help us unveil our life purpose to the next level. See all the spring and summer events below!

Love for the journey,

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