“I've been relishing the ongoing resonance from the most moving and meaningful yoga class I have ever experienced. Thank you for sharing your gifts and beauty of spirit with us.

My husband is pretty new to yoga, having only taken a couple classes several years ago, and he said that your warm and strong leadership built within him a strong sense of trust. He said that your guidance instilled a calm confidence; he knew instinctively that by listening to you he would end up in the right postures. He felt fully supported.

And for me - your spoken meditations on love, gratitude,and  the nature of the universe...the soft gentleness of the moon, thanks given to the different nations of life, the passion for striking inspiration in the heart's of others...these were some of the most beautiful and true messages I've ever received, life-affirming and deeply nourishing to me. Being in your presence and immersed in the practice you've cultivated and so skillfully, lovingly share  - made a great difference for us. I want to express my gratitude to you.” 




I love the beauty and grace that flows through the practice. It’s evident that the true healing power of Master Ou Wen Wei’s original Qi Gong form is infused in the practice as well as the therapeutic benefits I’ve become accustomed to from yoga. I can feel the energy running through me as I work my way through the sequence, and I feel both refreshed and invigorated upon completion. Master Ou and Anisha Desai Fraser have created a fantastic fusion of Qi Gong and yoga, and I feel blessed to have this practice in my life.
— K. M. ALTHEA, M.Ac., L.Ac.
Recently, I started taking Pangu Yoga classes and practicing on my own. After the 
first class, I couldn’t believe how good I felt: As if I’d been given a 
special gift that permeated through my body and soul. The positive results were 
immediate. Words can’t describe how it has changed my outlook on life. I 
feel more purposeful and focused, people I don’t know well comment that 
I seem more relaxed, more engaged, and happier, as if a light inside me seems to 
shine more brightly. On nights when I can’t sleep, I repeat the passcode to 
myself. I find it calms my spirit allowing me to fall asleep more quickly. I 
find that through continuing to take more classes, my home practice 
and incorporating the passcode into my daily life, I’m able to maintain an 
ongoing positive energy. Through Pangu, I’ve found a refreshing approach to
life, focused on creating positivity. I hope all can share in 
the joy.
I have taught yoga for 12 years and taken yoga for many more but have never experienced anything like Pangu Yoga. It has been transformative on levels well beyond physical and mental. Yes, I feel great after Anisha’s classes. The slow, gentle stretches help get out the kinks of the week, my mind is more peaceful hearing her calm voice and reminders to take “whole body breaths,” sending healing, white, divine light into every cell of our bodies. Still, it goes much deeper. Each week is an energy healing that cleans out the cobwebs that built up over weeks, months and years. I’ve practiced Pangu Yoga about a year now. I feel lighter, more positive, calmer and more centered. One of Anisha’s teachings from Master Ou is to infuse kindness into your life. I appreciate these weekly reminders, feeling them seep into my bones. Pangu yoga is a gift I am thankful to have opened.
For many years, I have been on medication for chronic, persistent insomnia. Within 2 months of my practice of Pangu Yoga, I came off one medication completely, and have cut the other to 1/3 of the prescribed dosage. This is remarkable! I have gained, not only greater flexibility, but obvious strength in my limbs and joints. Being familiar with the effects of increased life-force, I can feel it in my physical body quite tangibly. I am experiencing less pain, more clarity, increased vitality and a profound cleansing of emotions once trapped inside me. What I notice to be exceptionally different from my earlier practice of yoga is that as my body is being cleared out, it is also being refilled with sacred and powerful life-force. The capability of transformation through Pangu Yoga feels supremely complete. I observe the combination of releasing and receiving in this yoga practice as unmatched and highly valuable for optimal health and profound inner peace.
Today I really needed Pangu Yoga. I did Healing Touch for Animals for 5 animals at the SPCA and, yesterday, provided Healing Touch for a nurse and a patient at WakeMed Cary Hospital. I always have a ‘build up’ in my energy field after providing energy medicine. I feel, much of the time, a lot of pain in my body. It often increases during storms. When I walked into Pangu Yoga in that state, I have a deepened experience by really focusing on the whole body breathing. I am able to let go of most of the pain, loosen my body, release, heal and bring life force back in - I feel cleared, open, balanced. I so appreciate your gifts. Your class is special and the healing vibration is very high. Thank you so much for all that you do.


Anisha is a warm, bright, and gifted yoga teacher. She has a spontaneous joy and curiosity about life that at once makes one feel “seen” and befriended. She is capable, professional, caring and reliable. She is a skillful instructor and guide. Anisha knows how to create a learning environment of non-judgemental awareness where students felt safe to explore yoga with a non-violent, self-caring approach. As a yoga teacher Anisha’s gentle style and skillful approach opens the door for many of of her students to incorporate yoga into their lives.
— R. PIERCE (Senior Kripalu Yoga Teacher Trainer)
I first met Anisha in February of 2008 when she came to one of my classes as a student at Cohasset Yoga Center. I was touched and impressed by this woman’s commitment and intention to practice and teach yoga. Many students express an interest and ask me about teaching but few really have the willingness to immerse themselves into the practice in order to be a better teacher. Anisha has a quiet confidence in her approach to teaching and an amazing openness and ability to connect with her students. Anisha loves the practice of yoga and that comes through in her teaching. She values each student and is very present, attentive and dedicated. Anisha was only with us for a short time but she left a very deep impression on me and on this yoga community. We were very sad when she left.

— M. NORTON (Director, Cohasset Yoga Center, Massachusetts)
The best way to describe Anisha’s class is dreamy! Her classes are just the right mix of challenging poses and spiritual balance. I leave her class feeling as though I am in peaceful harmony with the universe.


Anisha is extraordinary. I’ve thoroughly benefitted from being introduced to Anisha, Black Mountain Yoga Center, and acupuncture.
I have been to Community Acupuncture with Anisha once and really enjoyed my experience. As someone who regularly gets acupuncture, I appreciate having the opportunity to drop-in at the last minute for a tune-up when needed. Anisha is warm, caring, gentle, and kind and facilitates a smooth flow of the process from checking in, to getting settled and re-emerging. Providing a space to tap into deep healing and relaxation quickly and inexpensively provides a wonderful resource in our community. I so hope this is an offering that continues at BMY.
The treatment was wonderful! Anisha is very professional and caring. I am thrilled acupuncture is available at the yoga center (my second home!).
Incredible! I have been to several acupuncturists (including two Doctors of Oriental Medicine) over the past few years to deal with dampness, PCOS, and hormonal and fertility issues. I have never felt as big of a difference after a session as I do with Anisha. She really knows what she’s doing! I now feel clear-headed and energetic and strong, literally better than I have in years. She has recommended dietary and lifestyle changes and supplements and teas without ever trying to sell me anything. The atmosphere she creates is warm, soothing, and very tranquil. The music and the aromatherapy are much nicer than what I have experienced at other places. An all around lovely experience. I love that she adds energy work to the acupuncture for no additional charge and that she tailors each session to my individual needs that day rather than doing the same thing each time. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
So far acupuncture has been the best therapy in my journey through life, offering a balance within myself, which I can share outward.
I loved the community acupuncture experience! It’s an affordable way for me to get acupuncture. Anisha has a lovely energy and seems to know what she’s doing. I’ve only had acupuncture with one other practitioner (she was super experienced) and the experience with Anisha was similar. I look forward to getting more treatments as soon as I can fit it into my schedule.
I have had a very positive experience with Anisha and acupuncture and it has been very helpful to me. I feel very comfortable with Anisha and feel she is very genuine.
Anisha is a very caring practitioner, readily put me at ease, and focused my attention to the hour ahead. She is very gifted in what she does. I am still unfolding what it all means. I appreciate various opportunities along this journey with teachers to help me notice what I need to notice and let go what I need to let go, and be ok to just be.
Anisha is a skilled and caring acupuncturist. I am completely pleased with her treatments and the results that we have achieved. She listens thoroughly to my needs at each session, patiently explains her recommend course of treatment, and gently yet expertly sets everything right. Her commitment to her clients is clear, as is her dedication to her craft. I highly recommend Anisha to anyone who is seeking acupuncture treatment.
I love going to receive acupuncture from Anisha! Within only a few short weeks, Anisha’s acupuncture and energy work were able to bring me back to some feel-good balance. Not only is her approach gentle, thorough and holistic, but I always leave feeling rested and refreshed - as though I have just had a massage!



Well today was a good day. I have been training hard for this moment to be inducted into this mystical immersion of Yoga & Qi Gong called Pangu Yoga! I had the opportunity to study directly under the Mastermind that created this Yoga form for the past few days and received my transmission of this phenomenal healing technique today. 17 days after I began this journey (April 2015) while on tour with Dr. Sebi and the Organic Family I was in a head on collision with a Postal MAC Truck and sustained serious head, neck and lower back injuries. Against all odds, I continued to practice daily and many days it was a challenge to raise my arms over my head and touch my toes!! As of today, There are only 3 instructors of this technique on the Planet and I am proud to say that I am 1 of them!

Pangu Yoga is a unique experience, a fusion of the worlds of Yoga and Qi Gong, making it so much more than a yoga sequence. The energy transmission received in this practice leaves each participant full, contemplative and reflective to the true meaning of life and nature of mind. Pangu Yoga offers a non-competitive, non-judgmental approach to yoga, an inviting experience to the new yogi, the experimental, and the seasoned yogi. Affording each participant an opportunity to build a foundation for the cultivation of heart and soul.
If you are frustrated, annoyed, stressed, angry, irritated, and tired of the 1000 different ways people and events turn your life and emotions upside-down, then these classes are for you! Pangu Yoga and Qi Gong help lift you above the fray, help calm you, and help you be more resilient against the daily assaults we all endure. I highly recommend this class and Anisha for both Pangu Yoga and Qi Gong as well as her acupuncture skills. Her work is transformative and will change your life!


I have experienced the most amazing healing through my work with Anisha. I came to her desperate for relief from chronic conditions I thought would only continue to worsen, including chronic respiratory issues I had been living with since childhood. Qi healing and acupuncture have not only relieved my symptoms but also offered me new hope for a better quality of life. I am happier and healthier thanks to Anisha!


Anisha’s Yoga and Acupuncture Mini Retreat is truly magical. Her ability to create a safe and healing space with us (some of which are new to yoga and/or acupuncture) is extraordinary. What I love most is how every detail supports her intention to nurture; from her gentle yet confident voice, to music choice, and her wonderful healing touch. I can’t wait to come back!
— S. KAY
For anyone who hasn’t tried Acupuncture, the perfect introduction is Anisha’s Mini Retreats. Anisha is able to seamlessly combine Yoga and Acupuncture creating an experience you will inevitably enjoy. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Anisha has an impressive talent for soothing you with her sweet voice and providing healing with her gentle touch. She provides a feeling of security which allows you to close your eyes, stop stressing, and start healing from the inside out. There are so many health rewards I feel I’ve gained from her extensive knowledge and her true commitment to helping people overcome pain. After this retreat, your mood will be transformed, your clouded mind will be cleaned out, and you’ll leave wanting to be a better person. It’s an experience where everyone benefits.