Pangu Yoga



Pangu Yoga is a simple yet powerful practice of Yoga, grounded in love and kindness, deepening our connection with the Divine.

Through an authentic fusion of Yoga and Qi gong, Anisha will take you on a spiritual journey, cultivating your life force, liberating the Spirit, and powerfully unveiling the healing Qi within the movements of Yoga.

Experience these ancient practices like never before. Leave feeling deeply calm, relaxed, rejuvenated, happy and connected. Discover inexhaustible vitality and limitless happiness with Pangu Yoga!

I love the beauty and grace that flows through the practice. It’s evident that the true healing power of Master Ou Wen Wei’s original Qi Gong form is infused in the practice as well as the therapeutic benefits I’ve become accustomed to from yoga. I can feel the energy running through me as I work my way through the sequence, and I feel both refreshed and invigorated upon completion. Master Ou and Anisha Desai Fraser have created a fantastic fusion of Qi Gong and yoga, and I feel blessed to have this practice in my life.
— K. M. ALTHEA, M.Ac., L.Ac.
I’ve been relishing the ongoing resonance from the most moving and meaningful yoga class I have ever experienced. Thank you for sharing your gifts and beauty of spirit with us. Aly is pretty new to yoga, having only taken a couple classes several years ago, and he said that your warm and strong leadership built within him a strong sense of trust. He said that your guidance instilled a calm confidence; he knew instinctively that by listening to you he would end up in the right postures. He felt fully supported. And for me - your spoken meditations on love, gratitude,and the nature of the universe...the soft gentleness of the moon, thanks given to the different nations of life, the passion for striking inspiration in the heart’s of others...these were some of the most beautiful and true messages I’ve ever received, life-affirming and deeply nourishing to me. Being in your presence and immersed in the practice you’ve cultivated and so skillfully, lovingly share - made a great difference for us. I want to express my gratitude to you.


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Take kindness and benevolence as basis
Take frankness and friendliness to heart
Speak with reason
Treat with courtesy
Act with emotion

Accomplish result.


In October 2011, I asked Master Ou if it was possible to infuse a Yoga practice with the healing energy of Pangu Shengong (Pangu Mystical Qi Gong).  My desire was to bring this incredible healing modality to more people who might otherwise never hear about it or have access to it.  Yoga is so widely practiced in America and, being so passionate about both Yoga and  Qi Gong, it felt both natural and inspiring to create a synergy of the two.  There was no way I could do this alone, so I asked for help from one of the world’s most renowned, beloved and respected Qi Gong Masters, Master Ou Wen Wei.

I believe we’re in a time when we should be building bridges of unity, rather than creating separation, a time when integrating all of our knowledge brings us to a common purpose for all of humanity, knowing that not one path or practice is the “right" or only way.  We may have our own preferences, or practices we know “work,” yet we can also stay open to new possibilities.  After all,  what if there is more?  

"Approach anything from a place willing to learn, that openness allows us to experience so much more.  We can bring Truth and Love through many avenues, and this is my hope with Pangu Yoga."



The practice of Yoga is probably one of the most popular mind/body exercises in the United States today, credited with bringing thousands restored health, freedom from pain, increased vitality and a tranquil, balanced mind.  Pangu Shengong is an energy cultivation exercise (Qi Gong) known world-wide for its remarkable curative effects.  It’s founder, Master Ou Wen Wei, partnered with Anisha Desai Fraser in 2011 to infuse this discipline with the Divine healing light and energy transmitted through Pangu Shengong, resulting in a very powerful, highly charged practice that is sure to be life changing!  You need not have any Yoga or Qi Gong experience to benefit from this wonderful journey.

Pangu Yoga is a fusion of a gentle, powerful Yoga practice, and the transformative Qi energy cultivation and experience of Pangu Shengong (Pangu Mystical Qi Gong.)  Firmly rooted in the principles of Love and Kindness, the practice is designed to strengthen Life Force and deep Divine connection through a beautiful synergistic harmony of movement and breath, a love-filled mantra, profound visualization and specialized Qi Gong breathing patterns.  Its gentle flow of postures builds and balances life force in organs and muscles and boosts immunity through an infusion of deep calm, relaxation and contentment.  

Each class concludes with Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) and a profoundly restorative Savasana (extended relaxation).  Anisha emits healing energy (Fa Gong) to the students throughout the class, allowing hearts and bodies to open more fully, minds to calm, and Qi to be more fully experienced.

The form follows a typical Yoga practice, yet the internal feeling and experience are often beyond words. The best method is to experience this for yourself!


Master Ou wrote and composed this song describing the experience and effects of Pangu Yoga. As you listen, enjoy the sweet sounds of his energy and intention and let it flow through your being.


Ngo Thicht sum Peng Cheng Si Cherng
My heart is calm, happy and content

Ngo Thicht Sun Quin hong Mei Li
My body is healthy and beautiful

Che Si Pangu Yoga Thicht Yow Sai
This is why Pangu Yoga is unique
and easy to achieve this purpose.
This is it's advantage.


Yut hey Lin chap Yut hey si Cherng
let's practice together, feel content together

Yut hey Lin Chap Yut hey Mei Li
Let's practice together let's be beautiful together.

Mei Li
Beautiful together


Anisha leads a Pangu Yoga class to over 80 students at Yoga Fest in Raleigh NC in April, 2016 & 2017.