Pangu Mystical Qi Gong (Pangu Shengong)

Pangu Shengong is usually translated as Pangu Mystical Qi Gong.  This translation suggests the practice as going beyond traditional Qi Gong (energy cultivation.)  The key is in the use of the word Shen.  Shen is often translated as as spirit, mind, mental faculties (as in concentrated attention), consciousness or "of a divine nature."  It implies a higher functioning or an evolution of consciousness towards love and kindness, and, through that evolution, a discovery and cultivation of profound knowledge and abilities.

Pangu Mystical Qi Gong is a simple, highly effective and easy-to-learn method of Energy Cultivation that improves health, well-being and vitality. With its fundamental philosophy and practice rooted in kindness and benevolence, it is designed to absorb the beneficial energy of the sun and moon and the essential Qi of the universe, regulating and enhancing one’s Life Force and immunity.

Thousands of people have used this method to recover from some of the most serious health conditions, and continue to have lives filled with vitality and good health.

Groundbreaking in terms of Qi Gong practice, this 15-20 minute routine provides more benefits than Qi Gongs requiring more time and greater effort. Anyone of any age or ability may participate.

Master Ou is a world renowned Grandmaster of Qi Gong, an author, poet, musician and calligrapher and is the originator of Pangu Shengong (PGSG). He has maintained  excellent health for over 40 years, without any need for physicians or medication and has  taught and helped thousands of people to cure their illnesses, increasing their happiness and vitality.


Foundational Qi cultivation

Prerequisite: None

The Moving Form is the basis of Pangu Shengong and takes about 20 minutes to complete.  This exercise cultivates Qi, and is designed to promote health, vitality, balance, and a sense of well-being through the strengthening of Life Force.

Anisha gives a brief history, teaches the basic principles and how to do the moving form of PGSG. 

The class includes how and why PGSG brings great benefits to practitioners.  



Cognitive & Sensory Perception Development

Prerequisite: Moving Form (1 month)

The Nonmoving Form is a more advanced form of Qi Gong, and no physical movement is required. This form is designed to strengthen the nervous system, the Spirit, balance emotions,  increase mental capacity and cultivate intuitive abilities.

Anisha will provide tips on how to apply the Nonmoving form in your daily life to achieve astounding results.

The daily practice of this form can take place anywhere, allowing one to set aside concerns of privacy or how others view your activity.