September 2017 | Introducing Pangu Porch Time

Almost one year ago we moved to the mountains, a dream that I've had as long as I can remember. Dreams, even as they are being fulfilled are not always easy. In fact, they require a level of commitment that strips one bare. I let go of a flourishing business, practice and sense of self in order to move forward with a vision and purpose that I believe will bring help and healing in the most effective way to the most people. I went from being someone that people often turned to for advice and healing to being and feeling like a nobody in a sea of skilled healers and teachers. I believe I am finding my home here in these magical and historic mountains and I have so many of you to thank in this beautiful community for that, for opening your hearts and seeing my soul. Walking the line between humility and confidence is a difficult one but an important for me to discover each and every day. I am so thankful for my global life experience that has allowed me to open my heart to all people and see my life's true purpose.

These inner struggles seem minute in comparison to the string of traumatic global events and outrage that seem to be on the rise as of late. As a result, leading up to the Solar Eclipse, I felt an unavoidable pull to look deeply inside myself through a sacred yet challenging soul journey. These past couple weeks, I have faced my own hatred, aggression, fear and sadness. Though I've felt and seen it many times before, never to this degree and with such insistence. Between feeling entitled and feeling like a victim, and ultimately seeing the places inside me where I'm intolerant of someone having a different viewpoint than my own, I think my life and our lives can come down to one fundamental question:

"Which parts of ourselves are we feeding, the fear and hatred or the love and benevolence?"

I'm certainly not saying I've mastered love and forgiveness or conquered my demons, I'm saying that we're in this together. From this place of discovery and inspiration to continue transformation, I offer you the second episode of Pangu porch time, "Forgiveness", and what I hope to be something that adds to the solution. (I would have offered you the first episode but it malfunctioned: another opportunity to be adaptable). Each episode in the Pangu Porch Time series will cover a topic we can all relate to, followed with a practical tool involving Pangu Yoga, Pangu Mystical Qi Gong, and/or The Path of Life. My intention in starting Pangu Porch Time is to offer people thought provoking questions, conversations as well as an application or action step to help implement a new life promoting habit into your life.  Let's help each other rise up and thrive together.