February 2019 | Inner Circle


I had picked the photo above for my blog a week ago but didn't know why.  Just yesterday I had a conversation with my sister who mentioned she had been feeling disconnected from her inner circle. Work was important, but it was more important for her to feel connected to those nearest and dearest. It really got me thinking. Am I making quality time to be with the people I love the most? The ones who inspire me, make me laugh until my belly hurts, love me no matter what? In other words, are my primary relationships well-tended?

Am I making enough space from the rest of the humans in my life so that my tank is actually full enough to share and offer myself fully with that inner circle? Yes, we all get depleted and feel like we are "overextended and busy" from the giving and working in the world that by day’s end, we've given the best of ourselves to things that certainly do matter, but do they matter the most?  This question requires consistent evaluation and re-evaluation. Connecting in a deep way to those we love is one of the primary fuels for well-being. I am reminded by the gentle nudging soul of my sister that it’s a must, not a maybe.

Even in the quiet of these mountains, there can be a surprising amount of noise coming at me, or quite possibly from within me. I'm radically self-driven and motivated by nature, and I also need an equal dose of radical self care.  However the real balance is about learning to both listen to and respond to the voices that come from within. The ones that tell you when to move and when to be still, when to find good company and when to be alone, when to push and work hard and when to rest and play.

Sometimes we choose to be busy and that's ok, and often necessary but it doesn't leave a whole lot of space for anything else. Our schedule easily can, and has many times been completely all-consuming- sometimes out of choice and others out of necessity. It takes discipline and dedication to make time to do other things, and I am sometimes successful, sometimes not so much in that effort.

Don’t get me wrong. I am fully aware that there are far worse things to be consumed with. I am so grateful and lucky to have a practice and work that connects and sustains me; I am in real community with people who are more interested in the project of cultivating a spiritual life than a material life; I have incredibly fulfilling work that I love with brilliant, dedicated, loving, compassionate teachers, staff and students. But though I’ve not always practiced what I preach I do absolutely believe that it’s never good to lean too far in any one direction – too much of a good thing is still too much. It’s out of balance and ultimately not healthy.

How much time do you carve out to explore, enjoy, learn, serve, share, study, play with the people, places and things that speak to your heart, that fill your very soul? What is missing or has been sidelined by your business or busyness or both?

It's an ever evolving and endless dance to listen to the voice of knowing that is the voice of the soul, with messages direct from the universe about the next best word or action to find harmony. What aspect of our life is asking for our attention a little more than the others so that our whole self and mission might be fed and realized? I ask you as I ask myself.

I've realized through my own reflection, which happened to coincide with this conversation, that expanding my creative artistic side deeply feeds my soul, so I've rekindled my passion and love for making jewelry again. It brings me a kind of happiness and fulfillment difficult to describe. Check out my shop below for some recent creations. These creations will soon be available at Black Mountain Yoga as well. Stay tuned..

Love for the journey,