Virtual Acupuncture   |   Distance Energy Healing

Traveling and can't make it for an in-person appointment? 

No worries! Anisha now offers virtual acupuncture and long distance energy treatments, previously offered only on a limited basis. The benefits are the same with the added advantage of the comfort of your own surroundings, no commute time, and no missed appointments when you travel! 


Distance healing has been practiced in the Far East and other cultures for centuries and more recently in the West. Researchers today are now recognizing what the mystics from many traditions have been saying: "We are all joined through a fundamental Divine connection." This allows remote healing energy to be transferred over long distances.

In more modern terms, each person carries both a frequency that is common to everyone (and everything), which ancient people called a Divine connection, and a frequency intrinsic to them, like a fingerprint or retinal pattern. The long distance connection happens through the Divine frequency and the particulars of a healing session take place within the interaction of the practitioner's and the person's intrinsic frequencies. Rather than needles stimulating and opening acupuncture points, Qi combined with attention and intention perform the same function.

Healing energy can be sent for any condition, whether it's physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Improvement can be instantaneous or over time, just as it would in a usual acupuncture session. The recipient's response can vary. He or she may feel warm or cold, feel sensations in the body, or just feel more calm and relaxed.  

During each session, you will connect with Anisha over the phone for 5 minutes to discuss your needs. The energy session lasts about 35 minutes, and then you'll reconnect on the phone to discuss your experience and next steps. 


We invite you to listen to and experience the healing benefits of Anisha's chanting performance for 2,000 people in Macau, China.  Chanting -- whether you participate or simply listen -- has the effect of raising your level of vibration and can help to fill you with peace, calm, and centering.  Listening from your heart, you will enter a peaceful, auspicious, healthy, and pleasant state, with your body and soul adjusted and elevated! 

Anisha also offers healing chanting as a service during long distance energy treatments. After viewing and listening to Anisha's performance, one client had these words to offer:

Anisha, now I know that luck has nothing to do with it. You are amazing. The first two songs were beautiful. The third song was pure energy sung straight from your heart to god. Listening to that song, I felt like the definitions of ourselves no longer existed, pure love and energy were resonating from you body into mine. I wanted to listen to that sound forever. You transported me right into a meditative state. When you sang the other songs I wanted to know what they were about, when you sang the third song I didn’t need to know because I felt as though I already knew. I used to feel slightly skeptical that qi could find its way to me from the recordings of Master Ou, but I listened to this video twice, and both times I felt it — pure love, spirit and warmth.

When Master Ou joined you, tears appeared in my eyes. Words don’t really get there. You did it. You touched hearts. I know that because you touched mine. I love you.

The Chants

The first is a chant called Heavenly Destiny. The second chant, Surabaya, is named for a place Master Ou visits to see his students in Indonesia.