April 2018 | Unveiling Purpose, Moving Forward

Spring is a beautiful time to unveil, discover or refine our life's purpose and to fulfill the deepest desire of our hearts.

Do you feel like sometimes you're just surviving but want to be thriving?

Anxiety and depression are the new normal in our culture and a big part of that is us being out of tune with the simple cycles of nature. We are denatured, and with technology we're able to do things like shop online at 2am or check our phone apps while we are eating. We all struggle with this and one step we can make is to start making wiser choices so we are closer to nature's intended rhythms.

However, in a larger sense, if we've reached a level in our lives where we have the opportunity to thrive, meaning that we've reached this baseline of survival, and attained a certain level of stability, there can still be this pervasive lack of fulfillment that we find in our culture.

We all have desires and we often chase those desires. And yet, an important question is: What do those desires serve? If we look at all the roles and obligations we take on in our lives, what is the purpose of actually doing them other than surviving?

Do you sometimes feel like everything "should" be going well?  Everything that society says you should want you have, or what you thought you wanted you have, yet is there still a sense you're not engaged in a way that holds meaning and value for you?

There are people who have enough materially to survive and are indeed doing well, but without the fulfillment of a deep spiritual life, it's unlikely that we will ever be truly happy. If we compare all that we have with many other countries in the world we can see that material success isn’t really all there is. That’s also to say that even if you were spiritually fulfilled it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re materially fulfilled either. So we have to be able to operate from both fields, paying attention to both tracks. It’s important to look at the purpose of our lives from both material and spiritual standpoints. For those of you who already have some clarity but need refining it’s helpful to remember that both the material path and the spiritual path require innovation, accommodation and adaptation. What worked two or three years ago may not be what’s required to be successful now.



One consideration is that your purpose is not necessarily your profession. We tend to identify those two as the same. Our purpose can be expressed through our profession but can also be expressed through being a parent, spouse or child, or a citizen of the world. Our purpose is our purpose, it can remain the same through the duration of our life- but how it’s expressed and how it manifests from our souls can change like a chapter by chapter experience. Your purpose is a unique distinct ray of Divinity and when you’re able to identify it; it can be expressed through many avenues. It's fully flowering into what you're meant to do and how you're contributing to the world.

Another aspect of our purpose is finding beauty, comfort, harmony and delight in our relationships. We must have the means to do this with good physical health, enough finances to support it, and a shelter we can call home. We can't forget the aspect of purpose that involves a deep spiritual fulfillment. If we're only satisfying one or two aspects, we will still be left with a deep longing in our hearts. Each aspect must be honored. SO, how do we begin to empower ourselves and then empower others to do the same?


In my experience, it requires having enough Life Force to manifest our purpose in a clear and effective way. Most of us are walking around feeling empty, depleted or tired. And that’s like having a really nice shiny car with all the perfect parts...but with no gas.  With no gas we can't truly move forward. So it’s important to find a regular way to cultivate this vitality and Life Force. The ancient cultures understood this. The ancient Chinese culture developed Qi Gong, (Cultivation of Life Force) a way to harness, absorb and store this Life Force in the body. In the cases of Shengong, (Shen is defined as Spirit) it also builds a deeper connection and communication between body and soul to bridge the material and spiritual aspects within ourselves. 

The practice of Pangu Yoga essentially gives you the most bang for your buck .

Pangu Mystical Qi Gong is the most powerful Qi cultivating practice I’ve ever come across. Yoga is another powerful practice that heals, strengthens and supplies energy to the body, mind and spirit. I chose to embark on one of the greatest journeys of my life when I asked Master Ou Wen Wei if I could combine these two modalities so those who practiced yoga could also receive the benefits of a Shengong as they did the sequence. This June 24th I will once again have the honor of teaching Pangu Yoga in Raleigh North Carolina, joining Master Ou's spirit as I lead this practice with his kind, humble, and most loving presence by my side.

If you're someone who, on the outside, has it all, and feels like you should be happy but just aren't, know that you are not alone. The struggle to find deep lasting fulfillment is real and an everyday practice. We have to take steps to be responsible for the quality of our lives. I encourage you to find a daily practice or ritual that allows you to connect to yourself and others more deeply. Through that connection you will find your place in the world. You will find where and how your unique ray of Divinity can be expressed, used and cultivated to shine more brightly.

Release self doubt.

Trust yourself.

You've got this.

With Love,